Open doors with your eye retina as an authentication

You might be scratching your head and thinking of Impossibility about how you can open your doors with your eye retina, and then let me tell you the fact! Actually you can really do it, since it only been seen in hi-fi action movies or the movies of James bond which uses his eye to open the door of very high voltage weapons or highly classified things.

Today with the help of technological advancement you can do the impossible.  Nowadays technology has grown up very fast. Each day there is an invention of new dangerous weapons and at the same time, new technology is designed to give security against these destroyers. Due to the Havoc of Terrorism activities, no one feel safe & secure including the organization. Attacks on world trade center and Indian hotels are just recently seen example of these activities. Therefore, we need to develop and adopt the new system which can service and protect us from these activities. In this case, biometric technology is an ultimate option to be adopted by most of the organizations which require better security system.

So, this new approach of security management can save our money and can also provide better security than traditional way of protecting ourselves.  These are the fast and automated system which serves better way. For the last decade of time, everything is becoming automated with new technology and device to fulfill all requirements. Automatic secured online shopping and transpiration are an ideal example to give. The same way, our security should be shifted to automated system which should deliver better functionality and better safety. Biometric technology and biometric system is the answer of new era security system, it reduces the cost and give your actually report without human err.  Restrict any un-authorized entry by adopting new security management device & technology

SecurAX Tech ‘s Solutions;

As in my previous post regarding biometric technology and the devices in which it can be integrated. Biometric technology is based on physical features of human being and some of the logical features.  As an authentication, it uses Physical attributes like eye retina, finger prints, DNA and logical attributes like voice, key stroke and signature. All these features can be stored in central database by converting it into certain digital signal to compare at time of identification..

Security doors integrated with biometric technology are also known as biometric access control or security doors with biometric technology.  As we said, it comes with scanners which scans your eye retina and then store it further identification process. Whenever you need to go to the place with doors you have to give your identification by showing your eyes to scanner which scans your retina. If it finds matches in its database then its lets you through those doors otherwise it gives alarms or any signal according to your predefined setting.

If you want to use this technology especially for your premises it can also work as pay roll time attendance system for your all employees who automatically generate report of entire month with all necessary required information and other calculations. This way doors with biometric access control gives better security and functionality at same price and maintenance.

You can use this technology to integrate with your other requirements such as  for HR management system, time attendance system, visitor management system and face recognition system. All these security system operates on single authentication system which uses your eye retina and other attributes as an authentication.

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